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TuxTrigger, by Linaro, is a command line tool for controlling changes in repositories.
TuxTrigger is a part of TuxSuite, a suite of tools and services to help with Linux kernel development.

About TuxTrigger

TuxTrigger allows to automatically track a set of git repositories and branches. When a change occurs, TuxTrigger will build, test and track the results using Tuxsuite and SQUAD.

Installing TuxTrigger

There are several options for using TuxTrigger:

Using TuxTrigger


  • TuxTrigger requires TuxSuite and SQUAD accounts (TuxSuite and SQUAD tokens).

To use TuxTrigger:

  1. Create TuxSuite account and provide TUXSUITE_TOKEN as environment variable.
  2. Create SQUAD account and provide SQUAD_TOKEN and SQUAD_HOST as environment variable. Example:
  3. Install TuxTrigger
  4. Create configuration.yaml file
  5. Provide plan.yaml file(s) from TuxSuite
  6. Run TuxTrigger

Call tuxtrigger:

tuxtrigger /path/to/config.yaml --plan /path/to/plan_directory

Tuxtrigger will automatically start.